Message from Danko: Top 7, Jan 20

I used to do lists of current listens a few years back and some how they
got swept aside by podcasts, radio shows and just plain old touring.

Here’s a list of my past week’s listening highlights. Who gives a shit
right? I dig reading other people’s list. Hope you dig mine.

HELLA – There’s No 666 In Outer Space
Ok, there are some Hella fans who have raised the critical eyebrow to the
growing singing on each subsequent release, including this one, which may
be their last one. The status of the band is in question right now. Who
knows. Whatever the case, if you like Lightning Bolt, The Psychic Paramount
or Brainiac then enjoy.

THE TEMPTATIONS – Psychedelic Soul
This is a double CD that documents the second phase of the Temptations –
(1969-1973) when they took their soul music in a more psychedelic path
affected by Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix. Thank you Ruyter and Blaine for my

KREATOR – Hordes Of Chaos
Holy Shit! Most metal bands 20+ years into their career inevitably start
the monotonous grind to a halt but not Kreator. If 2005’s Enemy Of God was
a remarkable return for Mille Petrozza and company then this year’s Hordes
Of Chaos defiantly prove it was no exception.

During the 90’s, bands like The Jesus Lizard, Shellac and No Means No
decided to have a baby and now their baby has put out an album. Volt is the
name of the mutant toddler and it will clobber your senses like Bamm-Bamm

I had to interview Away recently for Rock Hard so I naturally listened to a
lot of Voivod to gear up for our talk. I hadn’t heard this album in a while
and it’s gotta be my favorite album by them.

D.I.T.C. – D.I.T.C.
Yeah, what can I say, I’m not exactly a hip hop head, but I am a purist for
the years 1986-1998; basically starting from “Raising Hell” by Run DMC to
the dissolution of Tribe Called quest in 1998 with “The Love Movement”. So
it is funny that this 2000 album by the collective D.I.T.C. is making my
playlist. No surprise since it’s players like Fat Joe, Showbiz and A.G.,
Diamond D, and Lord Finesse are all from that era.

Damn, this is heavy. In fact, this band’s last outing, “AssasiNation” from
2006 was heavy as fuck and technical too. What is it about Brazil? It
produces the hottest women and the thickest, most brutal metal in the whole

Danko Jones