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Danko Jones and Bad Taste Records proudly present

Garage Rock! - A Collection of Lost Songs From 1996 – 1998

Lost tracks recorded in Toronto, New York and Washington DC
between 1996 and 1998. Released on Vinyl, CD and stream/download on April 4th. Order now!

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Ships worldwide. Vinyl LP includes Digital Download. Questions:

If a band continues past the gesticulation stage, the term “Garage Rock” is usually rendered unusable. Back in the 90′s,the Garage Rock scene, as I knew it, was a warts-and-all approach that favoured low-fi recordings and rudimentary playing over any modicum of musical prowess in order to glean some Rock N’ Roll essence. However, once a band got better at their instruments, songwriting and stage performance, the inevitable crossroads would eventually appear. Deliberately continuing to play against their growing skill would only evolve into a pose. There were a lot of bands who did exactly this in order to sustain scenester favour. We did the opposite.

What you hold in your hands is a document of what we were and where we came from. We didn’t know how to write songs and could barely play but we wanted to be near to the music we loved so badly. We ate, slept and drank this music. We still do. That’s why we have never had to reunite because we’ve never broken up. After 18 years, we’ve stayed the course, got tough when the going did and, above all else, we have never stopped. This album is the proof.

-Danko Jones

Cover by Peter Bagge

1. Who Got It? 2. Make You Mine 3. I’m Your Man 4. She’s Got A Bomb 5. Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue 6. Dirty Mind Too 7. I’m Drinking Alcohol? 8. Love Travel Demo 9. Bounce Demo 10. Sexual Interlude 11. I Stand Accused 12. Best Good Looking Girl In Town 13. Payback 14. Lowdown 15. One Night Stand 16. Instrumental 17. Move On

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Aug 1st 2014 Danko Jones in New Glasgow, NS New Glasgow Jubilee CA
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Aug 3rd 2014 Danko Jones in Minnedosa Rockin The Fields CA
Sep 22nd 2014 Danko Jones in Miami / Key West / Cozumel, Mexico Motörhead’s Motörboat US
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