Episode #170: David Wilcox

The legend himself, Mr. David Wilcox is on the podcast to talks with Danko about his career as a singer, songwriter and guitar hero.

Episode #169: The Rock N’ Roll scene in 2018

Danko features 11 new exciting RNR bands playing today.
There needs to be a cohesive Rock N’ Roll scene and this episode is an attempt.
Bands spotlighted – Lüt, Faz Waltz, Big Kizz, Gin Lady, Wyldlife, The Cry, Death By Unga Bunga, Miraculous Mule, Biblical, Imperial State Empire and The Night Flight Orchestra

Episode #168: Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, The Almighty, Thin Lizzy)

Ricky Warwick of The Black Star Riders is on the podcast to talk about the formation of The Black Star Riders, joining Thin Lizzy, Scott Gorham, recording with Joe Elliot and touring with Def Leppard.

Episode #167: Jim Florentine (VH1’s That Metal Show, Meet The Creeps, Crank Yankers)

Comedian Jim Florentine is finally on the podcast and talks to Danko about his comedy albums, Awful Jokes From My First Comedy Notebook, I’m Your Saviour and I Got The House, opening for Slayer, Californication, VH1’s That Metal Show and his upcoming book Everybody Is Awful (except you) which comes out February 2018.

Episode #166: Damian Abraham (Fucked Up), Nick Flanagan (Brutal Knights, Teen Crud Combo)

Damian returns to the podcast to talk about his new upcoming Vice television show called “The Wrestlers”, music beefs and wrestling podcasts.
(Outro music “Two Words: Suck It” by Teen Crud Combo)

Episode #165: Professor Rob Bowman Talks About Jackie Shane

Professor Rob Bowman is a Grammy award winner and one of the world’s top music authorities on Soul and R&B music. He is also Danko’s old university professor! He’s written countless liner notes and writes the program for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. If you count yourself a music fan, this episode is a must-listen. Professor Bowman jumps on the podcast to talk about soul singer, Jackie Shane, who has just released a career retrospective double album with The Numero Group called, “Any Other Way”.

Episode #164: Nick Flanagan (Wrong Hole, Brutal Knights)

Nick Flanagan returns to the podcast after over a year away and squashes the beef he had with Danko. Nick has a new comedy album called Wiped Privilege on Comedy Dynamics.

Episode #163: Eric Wagner (Trouble, Blackfinger, The Skull)

The legendary voice of Trouble, Eric Wagner jumps on the podcast to talk about Trouble, The Skull, Dave Grohl & Probot, Roadburn Festival, Blackfinger and the new Blackfinger album, “When Colors Fade Away”, on M-Theory Audio.