Message from Danko: New List

Here’s another list for you to chew on. Most people hang out with their
friends at the bar, order beers, watch the TV show “Lost” and discuss the
Gaza and U.S. election. I avoid people, download porn and listen to these

NASHVILLE PUSSY – From Hell To Texas
You can never go wrong with Nashville Pussy. Timeless music like this will
always get the night rolling. This works best cranked on the stereo driving
down the highway with your arm leaning out the window. I also do a cameo
appearance on Track #5 – “I’m So High” and going t√ɬ™te-√É -t√ɬ™te with
Cartwright was most certainly a Rock ‘n’ Roll Thrill and a half.

KHANATE – Clean Hands Go Foul
Yeah, this is about as extreme as it gets but it’s fucking great! Turn the
lights out and listen to this and you’re bound to get nightmares. Listening
to this on headphones while out in public turns your world into a horror
movie. Listen with caution.

MOTORHEAD – Rock ‘N’ Roll
Call it post-tour blues but I just can’t stop listening to Motorhead since
I got back home. This one’s a favorite of mine since it’s got two of my
favorite Motorhead tracks – “Eat The Rich” and “Cradle To The Grave”.

I just wrote a review for this album for Rockstar Magazine (CH) so I’ve
been listening to this record this past week more than I have in the last
ten years. It was a super group made up of Kat Bjelland of Babes in
Toyland, Russell Simins of the Blues Explosion, and Stuart Gray of
Lubricated Goat. If you like your Stooges sleazy as fuck than this is the
record for you.

EL GUAPO STUNTTEAM – Accusation Blues
Did everyone sleep on this when it came out last year? Too bad ’cause you
lost out on hearing one of the best up and coming bands in rock. Getting
better and better with every album, this one is their best. I love Soulwax
and the Evil Superstars but when I think of Belgium now I think of El Guapo

MASTODON – Divinations Single
Yeah, it’s new Mastodon but don’t get all fired up, it’s only the single.
Just more fucking incredible molten metal from a band that in my eyes can
do no wrong. I have yet to hear a bad track from this band and await the
new record with drool.