Live at Gröna Lund – Out Aug 11th

We’re happy to announce the release of our first live album ever – “Live At Gröna Lund”, recorded in Stockholm on May 16th 2014. It’s released exclusively on Spotify on August 11th. Check out the cover, tracklist and a clip of “Had Enough” taken from the show below.

Live At Gröna Lund


1. Who Got It?
2. Sugar Chocolate
3. Play The Blues
4. First Date
5. I Think Bad Thoughts
6. She’s Drugs
7. Dance
8. Heartbreak’s A Blessing
9. Baby Hates Me
10. Invisible
11. Best Good Looking Girl in Town
12. Full Of Regret
13. Mango Kid
14. Sex Change Shake
15. Cadillac
16. Lovercall
17. Had Enough
18. Code Of The Road
19. Legs
20. Bring On The Mountain