DVD “Bring On The Mountain” to be released on May 30th

UPDATE! The pre-order is now live here!

We are very exited to announce that we will release a brand new DVD called “Bring On The Mountain” on May 30th (when you pre-order through us). It’s what we call the complete visual history of Danko Jones to this date. It contains:

  • “Bring on the Mountain”,  a 90+ min. documentary
  • “The Ballad of Danko Jones”, a Short Film featuring Lemmy, Elijah Wood, Ralph Macchio, Selma Blair, Jena Malone, Laura Margolis, Frank Drank, Mike Watt, Don Jamieson, Art Hsu and Jason Trost. Based on the Below The Belt video trilogy.
  • 14 career spanning live performances. From 1996-2011.
  • All music videos from day one. 19 in total.

The documentary and short film will also be available as a HD 1080 Download at a very reasonable price.


Pre-orders will start soon through us, first announced through our newsletter so make sure subscribe (signup widget below).