Episode #132: Dregen

Dregen met up with Danko in Stockholm this past June to talk about the Hellacopters reunion, Dregen’s solo album, The Backyard Babies, collecting vinyl and being a member of The Black Coffee Brigade!

Episode #131: Inge Johansson

Inge Johansson of Against Me jumps back on the podcast with Danko to talk about Kiss. It’s another Kiss-themed podcast! Topics include Umeå, no make-up era, Hot In The Shade, Eric Carr, Kiss on Twitter, meeting Gene and the future of the band.

Episode #130: Nick Flanagan Q&A

Nick Flanagan rejoins Danko for their annual Q&A episode. Listener questions are answered. Outro music: “Take Breaks” by Brutal Knights.

Episode #129: Jason McMaster

Jason McMaster, singer of Broken Teeth/Dangerous Toys caught up with Danko to talk about the new Broken Teeth ep – “Bulldozer”, Tom G. Warrior, Gene Simmons, Lemmy, John Corabi, the “Too Much Trouble” book, Metallica boxsets, Charlie Sexton, Bobby Landgraf and the Broken Teeth (UK) band.

Episode #128: Entombed A.D.

Entombed A.D. jumped on the podcast to talk to Danko during their Toronto stop back in April 2016, while on tour with Amon Amarth and Exmortus. The whole band joined Danko to talk about their new album, “Dead Dawn”, Chuck Berry, Chuck Billy, being Swedish and LG Petrov as the first Uber driver ever.

Episode #127: Ricky Tillo

Ricky Tillo, guitarist for Lady Gaga, talked to Danko about them both being from Scarborough, Tim Stewart, Eddie Van Halen, Tosin Abasi, Mike Muir and his new rock band – Knives.

Episode #126: Abbath

Abbath sat down with Danko, while in Toronto on his North American tour, to talk about Kiss and Motorhead…and even Van Halen.

Episode #125: Danny Young

Danny Young (Gluecifer, Smoke Mohawk, Bela B) jumps on the podcast to talk to Danko about Van Halen. Danny is the biggest Van Halen fan Danko knows. This is the 4th Van Halen-themed podcast episode but talk veers over to Bela B from Die Ärzte and Smoke Mohawk (*special thanks to Olle Burlin for tech rescues).