Episode #140: Alex Mitchell & Scotty Slam (Circus Of Power)

Circus Of Power’s Alex Mitchell (vocals) and Scotty Slam (drums) jump on the podcast to talk about their new tunes, new line-up, growing up in Toronto, how Scotty & Danko met and Alex Mitchell’s books like “The Strange Case Of The Flying Meatballs”.

Episode #139: Jan Terri (Losing You)

Jan Terri, singer and viral sensation, talked to Danko about her most famous song – “Losing You” and the rest of her discography, opening for Marilyn Manson, Derrick Beckles & Hot Package, Justin Bieber and her dog, Denny. Jan also shows her talent as a very skillful impressionist. You don’t want to miss her Katharine Hepburn, Richard Nixon, Ed Sullivan and Donald Trump impressions.’

Episode #138: Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, Blind Vengeance)

Harry Hess, singer and guitarist for Harem Scarem, jumped on the podcast while Danko was at Harry’s Vespa Studio working on the new album this past September. Harry talked about international fame versus homegrown fame, hanging out with Kerry King in Japan, touring with Foreigner and having number one songs in The Philippines. Brendan Canning from Broken Social Scene (and The Black Coffee Brigade) makes an appearance to ask Harry a series of bullet questions too.

Episode #137: Dave Chandler (Saint Vitus)

Dave Chandler, guitarist for the legendary Saint Vitus, is on the podcast via phone talking to Danko about their new album “Live Volume 2” on Season Of Mist Records, ear candling, The Herb Company, Saint Vitus reunion and Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s recent onstage guest cameo.’

Episode #136: Rob Urbanati (Sacrifice)

Rob Urbanati, guitarist and lead singer of Sacrifice, jumped onto the podcast to talk about The Calgary Metalfest, writing songs, singing on tour, Eric Ratz, Brian Taylor and Danko singing “Iron Fist” with Sacrifice this past February in Toronto.

Episode #135: Death Angel (Ted Aguilar, Mark Osegueda)

Ted Aguilar, guitarist of Death Angel, joins Danko to talk about all things Death Angel – their new album, “The Evil Divide”, and their new fan club, The Pack. Danko is the biggest Death Angel fan so this is a very special episode. Vocalist, Mark Osegueda, also drops by to talk about singing in D.A. and Metal Allegiance

Episode #134: London May

London May, drummer of Samhain/Distorted Pony/Dag Nasty, joins Danko again to talk about his new album, Devilution: The Early Years 1981-1993, a collection of tracks that spans his wide musical career. Talk ranges from Dag Nasty and Reptile House to Samhain and The Circle Jerks. This is also the world premiere of London’s new group, Personelle. This is a must-listen episode!

Episode #133: Roger Costa

Roger Costa, archivist/co-administrator of the Jeff Healey Estate, joined Danko to talk about Jeff Healey and the newly released album, “Heal My Soul”, a collection of very rockin’ lost Healey tracks. Talk also turned to Monster Records, Philip Sayce and the 50th Birthday celebration for Healey at Massey Hall this past May 2016.