Episode #159: Tad Doyle (TAD, Hog Molly, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth)

Tad Doyle returns to the podcast to talk about his new classical symphonic album, “Incineration Ceremony”, out on Yuggoth Records.

Episode #158: Gil Garcia (The Number One Starchild Lookalike In The Country)

Danko chatted with Gil Garcia, the number one Paul Stanley lookalike in America. Talk revolves around Kiss and Gil’s experiences as the Starchild. When it comes to Kiss and the Kiss Army, this podcast is a Team Paul podcast. #TeamPaul

Episode #157: Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Project)

Devin and Danko met up at this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting to chit chat. It’s just two Canadians far away from home meeting up in Belgium!

Episode #156: Remo, The Urban Grower & Damian Abraham (Fucked Up)

Damian Abraham of Fucked Up brought Remo, The Urban Grower, onto the podcast at the Greenhouse Vapour Lounge to discuss all things marijuana. With the legalization of marijuana in Canada just around the corner, it’s a subject on everyone’s mind these days.

Episode #155: Phil Rind (Sacred Reich)

Phil Rind finally makes an appearance on the podcast. It’s been a long time coming and this episode doesn’t disappoint. Danko and Phil talk about Phil’s upcoming spoken word show at Wacken Open Air, James Hetfield, Don Jamieson & Eddie Trunk, being a grammar cop, Teenage Time Killers and 30 years since their debut album – Ignorance.

I Gotta Rock live video

Check out this video for “I Gotta Rock” featuring footage from this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting.

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Video by Jens De Vos/Panda Productions


Episode #154: Jocke Berg (Hardcore Superstar)

Jocke Berg, lead singer for Hardcore Superstar, jumps on the podcast to talk about Plasma Blast, CJ Sleez, live albums, Iggy Pop, AC/DC, Lemmy & Motörhead, Ronnie James Dio, Nifelheim and Van Halen.

Episode #153: Don Jamieson (VH1’s That Metal Show, Terrorizing Telemarketers, Meet The Creeps)

Metal Blade Records resident comedian, Don Jamieson, returns to the podcast to talk about VH1’s That Metal Show, Black Star Riders, Philomena Lynott & Thin Lizzy, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Dave Mustaine, Gunfire-N-Sodomy, Blonde and Crossbones and his latest album, “Communication Breakdown”, out on Metal Blade Records.