Episode #114: Ian Christe

Ian Christe, owner of Bazillion Points book publishing company, stops by the podcast for a second time. This time Danko and Ian talk about Van Halen, specifically Eddie Van Halen. Christe authored “Everybody Wants Some”, the biography on Van Halen. This isn’t just for Van Halen fans.

Episode #113: Derrick Green

Derrick Green, singer of Sepultura, met up with Danko, while both were on tour, to talk about John Joseph & The Cro-Mags, vegetarianism, Sammy Siegler, DVDASA, Sam Spiegel & Maximum Hedrum.

Episode #112: Marty Topps, Nick Flanagan

Marty Topps stops by the podcast to discuss his comedy records – “A Loving Tribute To TapouT”, “A Very TapouT Christmas” and “LIVE! From the Rotary Club”, TapouT Clothing, Jeff Jimmeries, The Devil’s Advocate, Ween, Lonely Island, Adam Sandler, Weird Al and Devo.

North American store fall sale

Starting today we’re having a fall sale in our North American store. Use the promo code “danko25” for 25% off everything. Happy Halloween!



Episode #111: Derrick Beckles, Nick Flanagan

Derrick Beckles of TV Carnage and Adult Swim’s HOT PACKAGE joins Danko and Nick for a second time to talk about this year’s season of Hot Package, Judith Light, Steven Seagal, Donald Trump, “Why? With Hannibal Buress”, David Choe, and his new sitcom with Courtney Love called “The Hopes”.

Episode #110: Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss, guitarist in The Alice Cooper band, joins Danko to talk about Marty Friedman, That Metal Show, Bob Ezrin, Ralph Macchio, Steve Vai and Crossroads, Jermaine Jackson, Glen Sobel, The L.A. Kiss, Paul Stanley and, of course, Alice Cooper.

Episode #109: Scott Middleton, Nick Flanagan

Scott Middleton, guitarist from The Cancer Bats, drops by the podcast for a second time to talk about presenting Black Sabbath with a lifetime achievement award, touring with Danzig, Bat Sabbath/Xanadudes/Glenn Danko, Jeff Healey, recording with Ross Robinson and…Glenn Danzig.

Danko Jones – I Will Break Your Heart (Lyric Video)

We are so stoked to be back in Sverige and with the release of our new lyric video for “I Will Break Your Heart” (below) it’s fitting that most of the footage was taken from our Gröna Lund show from last year.

This Nordic tour is gonna be raging! Come early too to check out Giuda. Let’s rock very very very very very very very hard. Stockholm tonight!