Podcast Episode #48: Harald Oimoen

Danko caught up with Harald Oimoen, co-author of “Murder In The Front Row” and D.R.I. bassist, while on tour via Skype and they talked about Metallimansion, Paul Baloff, “posers”, Cliff Burton, Fred Cotton & Spasik Children and Watain.


Exclaim competition

Check out this competition hosted by exclaim.ca where you can win some cool Danko Jones stuff.

Show added in Canada

We’re happy to announce that we will play at Festival D’Ete in Quebec on July 13th. Check out all our upcoming tour dates here!

New stuff in the shop

We now have some new clothing items in our official shop. Check it out now by clicking here!


Episode #47: Paul Bellini, Nick Flanagan

Danko and Nick talk to writer and comedian, Paul Bellini about his book “The Fab Columns”, Scott Thompson, Kids In The Hall, his “Do You Like To Watch” movie and comedic censorship.


Seattle added to Rockstar Uproar route

We’re happy to announce that we and the rest of the Rockstar UPROAR Festival lineup now also will stop by Seattle! The lineup will serve as the September 7 date of KISW’s Pain In The Grass at The Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA!


Podcast Episode #46: Tad Doyle

Listen to Tad Doyle and Danko finally meet for the first time and talk about Tad’s “8-Way Santa” album, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Witch Ape Studio, The Roadburn Festival, Astral Communion & The “Busted Circuits And Ringing Ears” documentary on Tad.


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