We Sweat Blood

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Record label

Bad Taste Records

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Produced by Matteo DeMatteo and Danko Jones
Recorded at Record High in Toronto, Canada
Engineered by Matteo DeMatteo
Mixed by Vic Florencia
Mixed at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson
Mastered at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Artwork by Walse Custom Design
Photos by Jesper Lindgren
Backing Vocals on Strut by Dregen
Backing Vocals on “Wait a Minute” by Rosie Celano
Group vocals on “I love living in the City”, “Strut” by Rosie Celano, Helga
Rossi, Fionnuala Jamison, Melinn Chaban, Lionel Pedro, Dave Pedro and Paul Bozzi
Backing Vocals on “WE SWEAT BLOOD”, the band with Matteo