This is the Official Podcast Of Danko Jones. Danko is joined by comedian Nick Flanagan to talk about just about anything and everything. Sometimes they're joined by a special guest too. It's fun stuff all around. Welcome!

Episode #96: Lee Dorrian

Recently in London, Danko met up with Rise Above Records head, Lee Dorian (Cathedral/Napalm Death), to talk about Church Of Misery, Gaz Jennings & Death Penalty, Lucifer, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Blood Ceremony, Black Sabbath, psych bands and Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell.

Episode #95: Robin Duke, Nick Flanagan

SNL and SCTV alumna, Robin Duke, sits down with Danko and Nick to talk about Gilda Radner, Martin Short, SNL, Mr. T, Don Rickles, Eddie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, her comedy troupe – “Women Fully Clothed” and her new series – “Man Seeking Woman”.

Episode #94: Don Jamieson

Danko caught up with comedian and VH1’s That Metal Show co-host, Don Jamieson to talk about stand-up comedy, performance, Metal Blade Records, Andrew Dice Clay, Jim Florentine, Jason McMaster, Terrorizing Telemarketers & Meet The Creeps.

Episode #93: Björn Strid

Danko sits down with Björn Strid, singer of Soilwork, to discuss his AOR/Classic Rock-inspired side band – Night Flight Orchestra, and their new upcoming album, “Skyline Whispers”.

Episode #92: Jim Rota, Scott Reeder

Jim Rota, singer/guitarist of Fireball Ministry, brings bassist Scott Reeder (Kyuss/The Obsessed/Fireball Ministry) onto the podcast to talk about High On Fire, Dave Grohl, Lemmy Kilmister, opening for Opeth, and how Dave Ellefson is a hero.

Episode #91: Ron Sexsmith, Nick Flanagan

Ron Sexsmith dropped by to talk to Danko and Nick about
producer Jim Scott, José Contreras, Andy Kim, touring Japan, Sara McLachlan, Kim Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Engelbert Humperdinck and puns.

Episode #90: Allison Wolfe

Danko meets up with Allison Wolfe singer of Sex Stains (Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts) to catch up, reminisce and apologize. Talk goes from opening for Cold Cold Hearts to opening for The Melvins, Glenn Danzig, London May, Calvin Johnson, The Make-Up and living in Los Angeles.

Episode #89: George Pettit, Megan Pettit and Nick Flanagan

George Pettit (Dead Tired, Alexisonfire) and Megan Pettit (@meganshpettit) dropped by to chat with Nick and Danko about performing stand-up comedy, writing for television, online comments and music industry weasels.