This is the Official Podcast Of Danko Jones. Danko is joined by comedian Nick Flanagan to talk about just about anything and everything. Sometimes they're joined by a special guest too. It's fun stuff all around. Welcome!

Episode #127: Ricky Tillo

Ricky Tillo, guitarist for Lady Gaga, talked to Danko about them both being from Scarborough, Tim Stewart, Eddie Van Halen, Tosin Abasi, Mike Muir and his new rock band – Knives.

Episode #126: Abbath

Abbath sat down with Danko, while in Toronto on his North American tour, to talk about Kiss and Motorhead…and even Van Halen.

Episode #125: Danny Young

Danny Young (Gluecifer, Smoke Mohawk, Bela B) jumps on the podcast to talk to Danko about Van Halen. Danny is the biggest Van Halen fan Danko knows. This is the 4th Van Halen-themed podcast episode but talk veers over to Bela B from Die Ärzte and Smoke Mohawk (*special thanks to Olle Burlin for tech rescues).

Episode #124: Adam Sewell

Adam Sewell (Stereo Dynamite Recordings) talked to Danko about working at The Record Peddler, playing in Monster Voodoo Machine, working with Simone Denny and managing Lacuna Coil.

Episode #123: Katon De Pena

Katon De Pena, singer of the legendary Hirax, is on the podcast to talk about taking care of your voice on tour, Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead, being in charge of the the Lemmy statue, DJing at The Rainbow Bar & Grill, Phleg Camp, buying records and, of course, Hirax!!!

Episode #122: Chris Bruni

Chris Bruni is the owner of Profound Lore Records, one of the most interesting and heaviest music labels around. Danko drove to Kitchener, Ontario to talk to Chris at Profound Lore HQ about running a record label, living in Kitchener, experimental music, melody in music and his background in classical music.

Episode #121: Greg Renoff

Greg Renoff is the author of “Van Halen Rising”, which documents Van Halen early years. Danko and Greg discuss the book, David Lee Roth’s lost movie, “Crazy From The Heat”, and Van Halen on Twitter.

Episode #120: Mille Petrozza

Mille Petrozza, singer/guitarist of the legendary metal band – Kreator, met up with Danko to talk about the first time they met, Metallica, Wacken Open Air Festival, The Scorpions, Rocket From The Crypt, online comments and, of course, Kreator.